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Prison law and criminal defence lawyers

If you are a prisoner in need of legal advice or need legal representation for a relative in prison, we can help. VLS Solicitors provides legal assistance for clients facing prison time. We also offer legal aid in criminal defence and represent prison law cases. We are based in North London, but close to East London.

We can help you get a favourable verdict

We understand the issues and stress you or your relative may face while being incarcerated. Our dedicated team of lawyers at VLS Solicitors have handled many criminal law cases and have considerable experience in cases relating to prison law and prisoners’ rights. Our team of solicitors will issue court proceedings on your behalf in order to protect your rights and make sure you are being treated fairly during the trail. We can also help you with family law and divorce cases. Contact our solicitors in Tottenham for more information. 
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Our prison law practice covers:

  • Adjudications and disciplinary adjudication
  • Appeals and review
  • Parole applications and parole board hearings
  • Human rights issues
  • Judicial reviews and sentence calculation
Immigration law
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We'll build a good criminal defence

Have you been implicated in a criminal offence? Are you worried about your court appointment? Always ensure you have an experienced lawyer representing you. Our lawyers at VLS Solicitors will strive to get you a favourable verdict. We'll use all possible legal methods at our disposal to tilt the case in your favour. If you are not at fault, our solicitors will work hard to get the right compensation you deserve. 

Prison law and criminal defence solicitors serving clients in North London, call the experts at VLS Solicitors, Tottenham, close to East London.
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