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If you are facing a criminal case or looking to get compensation for personal injury, get in touch with the dedicated lawyers at VLS Solicitors. We are located in Tottenham and serve clients throughout North London. We also offer legal aid.
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Immigration law

We have a reputation for our immigration work. Our solicitors understand that having irregular immigration status or a family member with an immigration problem can be extremely stressful. We aim to offer an efficient, sympathetic and cost-effective service to our clients.

At VLS Solicitors, we handle all aspects of the work, everything from business immigration through to asylum. This means we have a huge breadth of knowledge and experience to draw on when coming up with the best solution to our clients’ problems.
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Family solicitors 

The breakup of a relationship is a very difficult process. It is important that when faced with the loss of a partner, any impact on your finances is minimised and most importantly that the right to continue to care for or contact your children is not interrupted as a result of the breakup.

Our team have experience in dealing with divorce and civil partnerships. We also represent individuals facing care proceedings. We always seek to protect your interests as well as those your children.
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Housing law

Housing law covers any issues arising between a landlord and tenant or between a freeholder and leaseholder. It also includes applications to a local authority by someone who has become homeless.

We represent landlords and tenants, for both freeholders and leaseholders in long lease disputes and for parties in mortgage possession proceedings.
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Civil litigation 

Our team has a large network of carefully selected individuals which includes seasoned litigators and barristers who will always strive to ensure that your case is robustly and persuasively presented.

There are some difficulties which can only be resolved after all other matters are considered by seeking the protection of the courts.

Private individuals, government organisations, small businesses or landlords both private and incorporated bodies schools and other incorporated bodies may only be resolved with the need for a court order.

Going to court for most people will be a very stressful experience. We will always endeavour to minimise the aggravation by thorough preparation and diligent representation in court.
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Employment law

This area of law is constantly changing. It is important that you are aware of the different changes to the law as it affects your employment relationship.

We have experience in acting for small businesses as employers and employees and are reputed for a number of published cases in equality act matters especially in matters related to the end of a working relationship either through a dismissal or redundancy.

We provide advice for employees who are going through an investigation or grievance process at work and also have significant experience of dealing with compromise agreements.

Our team has represented nurses before the Nursing and Midwifery Council in numerous instances and we provide advice to regulated professionals when dealing with career changing investigations.
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Criminal defence and prison law

Do the police want to question you regarding any matter? Are you facing a possible criminal case? If the police detain or arrest you for a case filed against you, you have a right to get legal advice and representation from a solicitor. 

The lawyers at VLS Solicitors can advise you over the telephone or in person if you are in custody at a police station. We can visit you at any police station in North London to advise you and to try and secure your release.

If you have a court hearing, it is crucial that you receive proper legal representation during the trail. We also offer legal aid for criminal cases. Get in touch with our team in Tottenham.

Do you need legal advice? Are you looking for experienced lawyers in North London, close to East London? Call VLS Solicitors, Tottenham today.
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